100% Natural, Cheap & Safe Ways to Achieve Sparkling White Teeth (Permanently) In Just Few Weeks & Eliminate Mouth Odor; All Done At Home




The Bitter Truth About 95% of The Teeth Whitening Methods Available Out There






Let Us Find Out From The Questions Below…


Are you tired of watching stained and badly coloured teeth staring back at you each time you look on a mirror?

Do you feel embarrassed either by the colour of your teeth or a terrible mouth odor?

Are you often worried that the sight of your stained teeth or your bad breath may be affecting your relationship with people?

Have you ever observed people withdrawing from you whenever you stand very close to them talking? What an embarrassment!!

Do you want to be permanently free from all kinds of bad breath (mouth odor)?

Would you like to have a set of shining white teeth, just like those of beauty models and other celebrities?

And… Have you been looking for a cheap, easy and natural way to achieve sparkling white teeth, just in a few weeks; without any side effect?

If your answer is “YES” to any of the questions above, then you are the very person this article is written for.

You are about to discover a simple, natural and affordable way to have that desired bright white teeth in just few weeks; without having to look for a dentist or purchase any unnatural teeth whitening product that could tamper with your dental health





Dear Friend,

My name is Chizoba; this true story of my life may help you in one way or another especially if you have any concerns about the color of your teeth, mouth odor or you have someone with such problems.

This ugly side of my story began as soon as I got to the age of knowing what could be shameful, disgraceful and embarrassing.

That was as far back as when I was in primary two. I began to be ashamed of myself because my teeth were badly stained.

My school mates used to call me in Igbo language “Onye eze mmanu”, which means, a person whose teeth are coloured like red oil. Or, a person whose teeth are terribly stained.

This situation affected me both socially and psychologically…



I could not mix up properly with my fellow children.

I hardly spoke, laughed or smiled in order not to expose my dirty teeth.

I had no friends because I felt nobody would accept me. I was always left alone.

This became my lifestyle not only in school but also everywhere and every time.

What a miserable lifestyle!

When I was to enter university later, I deliberately decided not to choose arts or social sciences; (anything that would expose me to social activities. And it worked out for me… I was admitted to read Biochemistry at Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO).

One good thing I achieved from this experience was that it also kept me away from the opposite sex.

I felt no one would accept me so I respected myself and kept off; I became sexually reserved.

Hmmm… but with a very good family upbringing, one could still achieve that; not in a bitter way like in my own case.



I was always ashamed of myself.

Anytime people turned to look at me, I felt it was because of my dirty teeth even when it was not so.

When my teacher asked any question while teaching, I might know the answer but would not contribute anything for fear that my ugly teeth would be seen.

This situation affected my classroom and exam performances; and generally slowed down my academic success.



I managed to live with this socio-psychological trauma until I found myself in the university. At that level of my maturity, I began to search for solution wherever it could be found.

I became a researcher on the subject of coloured teeth and its solutions. And I discovered that there are two popular methods people apply as solution to dirty teeth



1st Solution: Professional Teeth Whitening, Carried Out by Dentists


This looks like the most appropriate step to take, but there are two major problems with it…

A. From the enquiries I made when I was desperate for solution, the cheapest dentist would whiten my teeth at 60 thousand naira per session/visit; and I would be expected to make 3 or 4 of such visits. The total would be 180 or 240 thousand naira.

Other dentists would charge about 100 thousand naira per session/visit, giving a total of 300 or 400 thousand naira for the 3 or 4 visits.

So teeth whitening by dentists could cost anything between 180 400 thousand naira.

And SURELY 93% of people that need teeth whitening services can’t just afford that.

B. Every dentist uses a range of toxic chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide – which are both used as Bleaching and Disinfectant Agents and are terribly harmful to the human body. These can cause Tooth Sensitivity, Shrinking Gums, mouth and gum bleeding or blisters, stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhea etc.

Considering the above information, it is very obvious that even if dentists whiten teeth free of charge; I will NEVER have my teeth whitened by a dentist.



2nd Solution: Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Kits


The second method people apply is “Over-the Counter” (DO IT YOURELF) teeth whitening kits which are mostly sold online

But obviously, this option is far worse than going to a dentist! Though these kits are far cheaper, they are also far more dangerous and worse than all the side effects associated with professional teeth whitening. In fact, they are probably 100 times more dangerous than a professional teeth whitening procedure carried out by a dentist!

In recent years, teeth whitening has become a multi-billion naira industry. As a result of this, covetous individuals and companies have seen it as a viable means of fattening their pockets and bank accounts without considering the dangers and threats people’s lives and health are exposed to.

Most of the peddlers of these dangerous, unreliable and unregulated DIY home teeth whitening kits are online. So if the bleach condemns your teeth, gums or intestine, you are on your own.


My Fearful Observations About Most Home Teeth Whitening Kits


According to my research, most of the home teeth whitening kits have very hazardous and risky amounts of the two main bleaching agents: hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

According to the United States Food & Drug administration (USFDA) Laws, home teeth whitening kits should contain no more than 0.01% of hydrogen peroxide to be legal and safe… But my tests consistently revealed much higher contents of these chemicals.

Similarly, studies carried out in the UK revealed that some kits sold online contain as much as 10% hydrogen peroxide. (100 times more than the legal limit). To a large extent, they produce about ten times worse side effects than what people experience at dental clinics.

At this point in my problem, what would you suggest to me, if you were to give me suggestions?

As an undergraduate student from a poor family, there was no way for me to cough out between 180 to 400 thousand naira for a dentist to offer me professional teeth whitening service. And, even if I had the money, I had concluded during my research that I would never allow those dangerous, toxic, bleaching chemicals used by dentists to enter my mouth.

As a student of Biochemistry, I knew what chemical reactions could mean; so there was no way for me to expose my mouth to such dangerous chemical combinations. And if I could not do that at a dental clinic, you should know that I would also NEVER go for the more dangerous, toxic, unregulated DIY home kits either sold online or administered at road-side salon.

So… At this stage, what would you advise me to do? I had no other option than to remain in my ugly situation. Socially excluded; psychologically traumatized etc, etc.



The Last Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back


Whatever started somewhere must end somewhere. I was not born with stained teeth, so I decided I would not end up with it. I used to blame my parents for not taking good care of my teeth from childhood. But at this stage I had decided not to blame anybody any longer but to focus on finding a safe and permanent solution.

An ugly experience I had at a job interview added fire to this decision. I had done my youth service and submitted applications for job both online and offline. I was eventually invited for a job interview at a very reputable organization.

At the interview, I went in when it was my turn. As soon as I faced the panel of interviewers, I had the worst display of the psychological aspect of my problem. I began to feel that it would be so embarrassing for me to open my mouth very well before the panel.

This feeling affected my overall behavior and performance at the interview. I was rude, uncivilized and nervous. I was disconnected from ideas about what to say and how to respond to interrogations.

When I eventually left, I needed no prophet to tell me that I failed; and that was exactly what it was; I FAILED.

I then decided that wherever there could be teeth whitening solution; apart from the two dangerous options mentioned above, I would search it out and apply it.


The Good News


I started with the ugly side of the story, but I want to conclude with good news… FINALLY I HAVE FOUND WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS. I have discovered a cheap and 100% natural way to whiten teeth without any of the dangerous side effects described earlier.

The combination of the natural substances I discovered eventually transformed my own teeth first of all without any side effects. I may lack time and space to narrate what I passed through in the process, and how I finally discovered it, but the important thing is that it has solved my long lasting problem of stained teeth, and is doing same for thousands of others.

I am now the opposite of what I used to be… I can now speak, smile, laugh and interact with excess confidence at job interviews, home, public and I can now freely go out with friends.

In addition to teeth whitening, another very important discovery I made during my research was purely-natural solution to bad breath (mouth odor). Obviously, I used just one stone to kill two important birds.

And interestingly you can gather the required ingredients; some of them at few naira & kobo; and others free of charge, just the way I got them for my own teeth.

I Can Feel Your Curiousity At This Point. You Want To Quickly See What I Have Discovered Isn’t It? Let Me Introduce It Right Away…





100% Natural, Cheap & Safe Ways to Achieve Sparkling White Teeth (Permanently) In Just Few Weeks & Eliminate Mouth Odor; All Done At Home




Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Find In This eBook

  1. Very common and cheap natural ingredients you MUST USE if you must have the kind of bright white teeth you desire
  2. Secret powerful leaves (NOW REVEALED) that can whiten your teeth in a matter of days
  3. What you MUST USE if you want to whiten your teeth without any side effect
  4. THREE POWERFUL HOME REMEDIES you cannot do without for prevention of tooth discoloration so that you don’t even need to spend any money on teeth whitening
  5. Very simple approach to having unbelievably sparkling white teeth without looking for a dentist, spending huge amounts of money or exposing yourself to very dangerous and risky teeth whitening procedures.
  6. A Sunday to Saturday completely natural teeth whitening SCHEDULE prepared to guide you properly in the process
  7. Why you must do everything possible to clear off ALL TRACES of mouth odor
  8. One indispensable solution to get rid of mouth odor forever and ever
  9. A very simple way to prevent mouth odor so that you do not even need to spend any money at all trying to get treated

And a lot more…

Another good news is that you need just 5 10 minutes to go through the eBook and pick the main information you need

I guess this is the right moment to take action on this issue;

The value of this information in the international market is about 165 dollars. You can convert that to local currency and see what it is.

However, I will not ask you to pay as much as that or anything close to that. Just for a limited time, I will ask you to pay only 3,500, Naira, before the promo period is over.


How To Order For A-Z of Teeth Whitening

Make your payment of N3,500 to the following Account:

Account Name: SuperStandard Life Ltd

Account Number: 2020649911. (First Bank)


After the payment, send us Text message to 08023867146. The Text message must contain the following information:


  1. I have paid the sum of 3,500 naira
  2. Your Name as written in the deposit slip
  3. Your Active Phone Number
  4. Your Valid Email Address


As soon as your payment and Text message are received, your eBook (A-Z of Teeth Whitening) will be sent to you directly to your email address



Thanks For Your Time & attention,

I Remain Your Friend, Chizoba


Good News From Other People

I never knew that thousands of people had the same problem I had until I put out the eBook to the public. The rate at which people began to demand the information was amazing; and as many that got the information and applied the solution got the same result I got.



NGOZI: Having tried a lot of solutions that almost damaged my gums without producing any good result; I was reluctant to make further attempts. My husband mounted pressures on me and persuaded me to try your solution since it is purely natural. Eventually, my obedience to my husband paid off. I am very grateful; my teeth were made far better in a matter of weeks, and I did not notice any side effect. This is really interesting…

CAROLINE: My teeth were not badly stained yet I needed to get rid of every little rubbish so as to put on the kind of smiles I often see with celebrities. When I heard of your 100% natural teeth whitening solution, I believed it was the best way to eliminate the minor stains without any harm. The choice I made was actually the right one. I give you kudos.

AUGUSTINE: I just decided, “Let me throw the money away since it wasn’t much; if it works, good, but if it doesn’t work, no problem”. Sincerely it is good to make attempts; the stuff apparently worked wonders on my teeth. I have also recommended it to some of my friends and they are all thankful.

FELICIA: Colleagues had already spoken much fear into my mind concerning the side effects of teeth whitening products; so I was very suspicious of anything used in whitening teeth. It took me a lot of time to decide to get your AZ of teeth whitening. And the reason I finally made up my mind to try it was because it involves a natural process. Fear would have made me miss something great. Today, I can proudly show my teeth anywhere…

ANDREW: (Stained Teeth & Bad Breath all Gone) What attracted my attention initially was that you claimed that your solution takes care of both stained teeth and bad breath; and I had the two problems. However, I am among the people that believe that “seeing is believing” so I waited for so long to see if someone else could purchase, use and testify to me first. When I discovered that such opportunity was not available, I reluctantly bought your solution; and today my heart is full of thanks because both stained teeth and mouth odor have been eradicated

KEMI: I used to think that there is no permanent solution to bad breath because most people with mouth odor apply temporary measures such as mouth deodorants, tom-tom etc. when I came across this A-Z OF TEETH WHITENING, I was full of doubts but I later made up my mind to get it and try it. Truly it is worth it! I have searched for the bad breath in many ways but cannot find it again. This is very wonderful.  

The above were just few of the hundreds of good news on AZ OF TEETH WHITENING

My Doctor Nearly Killed Me; He Revealed To Me 28 Health Risks And Social Disadvantages Of Excess Weight/Fat But Could Not Offer Me A Reliable Solution. I Got So Worried That My BP Rose To 152. I Only Recovered My Health When I Found This “Instant Fat Burner” (IFB) That Surprised Me Within A Very Short Time. Wow! I Now Look Like A Model   


Dear Friend,

My name is Lucy. I am 33; a single lady from Anambra State in Nigeria. What you are about to read below is a true story of my life. I want to share this experience because I believe life is all about sharing. Someone helped me to discover something that gave my life a definition, so my conscience demands that I should help others discover same.


During my secondary school and university stages, I was very beautiful, attractive and had normal shape and size. But about six years ago, when I was 27, I began to battle with the problem of excess weight/fat (probably inherited from my mother because she was also very fat).


One Saturday morning, I got ready to attend the wedding of one of my best friends; as I stood in front of the standing mirror in my apartment, I could not control my emotions; I broke out weeping uncontrollably. Why? Because I had been on a very strict diet for about 7 weeks. Now here am I in front of a mirror and it appears I had added weight instead of reducing.


Nobody was with me in the house so I pulled off my clothes to have a clearer view. I did not like what I was seeing in the mirror: my blown-up cheeks, my timber-like arms and thighs, very big tummy, sagging skin, aging appearance and folds of flesh all over the body.


I continued weeping and thinking of all my experiences within the 6 years: Clothes no longer looked nice on me; I kept spending so much money changing my wardrobe as I kept increasing in size; I experienced so much heat and sweat even when the weather was not too hot; I always needed very strong deodorants to keep off armpit odor and general odor of perspiration; I easily got weak and sick; I was attracted to almost nobody; I couldn’t remember if anyone ever told me “I love you” because my beauty was no longer obvious; employers rejected me on assumption that my weight would make me inefficient. In fact I lack space to state all that I experienced.


In search of solution to this situation, there was nothing recommended by anyone that I did not try: liquid protein, fasting, painful exercises, supplements, slimming belt, slimming vibrators, herbal concoctions, western drugs etc.


I was so desperate that if somebody had recommended urine or excreta, I probably would have tried it, and this is no exaggeration.


That Saturday morning, I wept to my satisfaction, wiped my face, dressed up again and rushed to a nearby pharmacy shop to check my weight; and behold, the scale said I was 101kg. At this stage, I had already forgotten that I was to attend a wedding. My good friend who wedded that day has not forgiven me till today because I had no good reason to present to her as why I was not in her wedding.


From the pharmacy shop, I rushed out to hospital to see if my doctor would recommend a lasting solution to my problem. This was the last straw that broke the Carmel’s back. The doctor said that there were 28 things I should know about excess weight/fat before he would prescribe anything to me. He told me that the reason I must know those 28 things was for me to be serious with whatever he would eventually recommend. I quickly took my mobile device; set it on “RECORD” and asked him to go ahead. Then he began:



1.  Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) which can lead to problems such as angina (chest pain/discomfort), heart attack and heart failure.
2. High Blood Pressure.
3. Stroke
4. Diabetes Type 2, which can result in early death, kidney disease, Blindness etc.
5. Abnormal Blood Fats (bad cholesterol).
6. Metabolic syndrome
7. Cancer
8. Arthritis
9. Sleep Apnea
10. Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS).
11. Reproductive Problems such as menstrual issues and infertility in women.
12. Difficulty in walking or running.
13. Inability to bend down normally.
14. More likely to experience premature death.
15. Poor quality of life and sub-health syndromes.
16. Consistent experience of back and waist pains.
17. More likely to develop kidney stones, gall stones etc.
18. They often experience depression; not feeling good; stress caused by body imbalance, feeling unattractive, being socially isolated etc.
19. Most clothes do not look good on people of excess weight. They also waste much money changing their wardrobe when former clothes are no longer their sizes.
20. Difficulty in finding friends and suitors.
21. They are often despised, no one enjoys sitting near them in trains, public buses and planes because they occupy more than normal spaces.
22. They can be rejected by most employers and can lose already existing jobs because of inefficiency
23. Broken-down feet as they strain under additional weight.
24. Double cheeks, sagging skin, squeezed or folded flesh etc.
25. Perspiration and body odor.
26. Lack of self confidence and inferiority feelings.
27. Very irritating snoring.
28. Appearing to be 12 years older than their age mates.


As he was talking, I was listening with keen interest. I was also curios to hear the conclusion of the whole matter because I desperately needed solution.


Unfortunately for me, what the doctor recommended were things I had done over and over and got no solution. This doctor nearly killed me. It was desperation, confusion; worry and anxiety that made me rush to the hospital; and now my worries were multiplied because some of the 28 things he mentioned were things I was experiencing already. Meanwhile he could not offer me a solution. From that day my BP began to rise exponentially. Before I found solution to this problem, my BP was already at 152.



Even if I forget every other issue in my life, I will never forget a particular Sunday afternoon. I prayed and wept in church asking God to grant me a weight-loss solution so that I would be loved and attracted to people like in my school days. As I was walking home from church that afternoon, a Toyota highlander honked and stopped beside me and the lady driving called out in excitement. “MAMA LUCY”. I was embarrassed; I knew I resembled my mother so much; I also knew my mother was equally fat, but was I as old as my mother?


Behold it was Angela, my secondary school mate. We both passed out of Ansar-Udeen Secondary School. We were close friends at school; we used to follow each other home once in a while, so she knew my parents and I knew hers.


She parked, came down and hugged me. She used to be VERY, VERY fat (so fat that we used to mock her at school) but now she looks like “MISS NIGERIA”. I could recognize her because her face did not change. When I told her I was Lucy and not mama Lucy, she was surprised.


As she was trying to find out what led to my excess weight, I was also eager to find out the secret of her new found Miss-Nigeria shape. We both entered her car, she put on her I-Pad and quickly showed me where and how she found solution, and since then, I have always been glad to share it with everybody because somebody shared it with me.


I am sure you hate, and would not want to experience any of the above listed 28 challenges of excess weight, isn’t it? However, the truth is that if you already have excess weight or you are almost there, the above problems will definitely develop at one time or another and we all know that prevention is always a better choice.


On the other hand, if already you are slightly or gradually experiencing any of those 28 challenges, think of what could happen to your life and health in the next six months or one year in case you fail to do something urgently about your weight.


Today, I now look like a fashion model. Sound body and mind, good health, self-esteem, confidence, love and attraction have all been restored to me. Presently, four responsible men are on queue and each of them wants my hand in marriage; my problem now is how to make the choice. I remain very grateful to God almighty; and the more I help others by sharing this good news, the more God helps me with more blessings because whatever one sows is what they shall reap.





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